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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2015 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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are not welcomed scott weiner is a per aspect example that's why there venime for this man this is protecting white working class not eem of any color. >> next speaker let me call a few names so people can line up. kelly cut ler maria zargosa woods urban i believe. trers sa amabin nanci her nan dez -- jacky wilson keith awe switzerland and jeremy will ler >> i have an address i have multiple disaabilities and i
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vote -- i woke to hear the screaming of a woman like a woman is being killed i jumped out of bed to make sure they were okay i didn't put on shoes i ran toward the screams i saw a small bodies person on a bag being held down to sfpd squad officers she was screaming five cops i started filming i crossed the treat and officers had her pinned to the ground she was screaming on the crisis the woman on the middle of the street was handcuffed to the ground with a bag over her head to get her out of the street the cops shines high beam flashlights in my office asked what i was doing i will tell you
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what i'm telling you now i feared her her safety she flashed the flashlights in my face it was scary disoriented and sus pecked if the police are not doing anything right they shouldn't mind being filmed it's my right to film them. the woman not only were the wrists cuffed behind her back and her wrist were tightly bound i'm glad she was not shot and killed by sfpd disaebled are the most terrorized by police that doesn't mention black or terri people i don't want more on the
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streets that scares me >> next speaker >> i'm here to oppose this resolution regarding the hiring of additional police we know if passed this proposal would directly pass on homeless people and takes away money from critical housing we need more policing of the homeless and displaced in the community you say this is about public safety the hoementless don't feel safe with the police around more police means more harass ment and sustaining activities more arrests and incourse raegs more criminalzation of the homeless community more racism perm treated through target of color more so called light ordinances
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and violation against those experiencing poverty and homelessness more ethnic cleansing and more discriminating policing practices what the police should avoid is excessive police personnel reinforcing racism and class ifrm and the continued constitution of human rights and abuse by police we say house keys not handcuffs. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon i'm jeremy miller a residence of the bayview neighborhood of san francisco i'm going to begin with the statistics. because i think we're talking about money dollars and cents here as was mentioned earlier
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this is the most well funded police department in the country. $548 million -- this is ridiculous. and and 7.5% of that is spent on economic workforce development you have just invented crime right there. i live in the bayview neighborhood yes we hear the gun shots as was pointed out by an earlier speaker with less than 5% homicide solution rate more cop tell us are not helping let me tell you what cops do in our neighborhoods -- i was attacked
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by police officers two months ago pepper sprayed not committing any crime at all they didn't bother trying to charge me that's what we deal with in our community. a lot of people brought up the police homicides i want to mention one that was just published this morning that is dar nel benson on april 3rd of this year while the text messaging scandal was murdered by san francisco police department we need to get rid of the bad apples the last thing we need more is more cops in san francisco. (applause from the audience) >> mike harnesty -- spoke
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already and gaum ka tang then maria zargosa i called already casinova and department waters from the sheriff's department. >> i want to say right now during summer all of this comes out adding more police technically they don't know about this and most of the communities this is going on people are trying to to add more police i got to know today i'm in summer school i have to say at my school they show us [inaudible] i'm also a wrestler going through this i believe we have to knowledge before taking actions as i went to get
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educated myself about what i'm doing and show people i have learned that police brutality are coming to criminalize wipe out the poor and homeless in and their families add an older sister i thought about what my school teach me about the cycle building more tension is not going to help you have to break the cycle for this it's not the youth going to take it to you have break the cycle by helping the communities [inaudible] sorry i'm nervous right now as a wrestler i have learned many martial arts and i know how to use violence whatever you call
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it. it's a certain way of violence to sub this person and not killing them and adding more police. also i want to say you should take the consideration -- of youth. i'm a young activist in my school a lot of people would be happy to be here today (speaking off the mic) >> thank you very much. next speaker? >> good afternoon supervisors >> the microphone >> thank you for the discussion. my name is john for social change i see on a daily basis the black and terri poor communities impacted by policing in san francisco one of the main
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concerns of the black and terri community often talk about is the over policing of their communities. it looks like based off the new budget there would be $400 million going into the police department when you look at the black and terri communities and the over criminalzation of those communities it makes you wonder how much of that money is going to them instead of property value we should worry about people values here in san francisco we can look at a person's zip code and area code and determine if they person will end up incarcerated or end in county prison and look at another person's and know they're going to college supervisor avalos brought up --
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gym grow 60% african american 40% of those are arrested are african american regarding juveniles over 62% of those are arrested are african american we can't tell you the data is inaccurate. it should go to make sure we have accurate data to come before this board to see hiring police is going to be better to all of san francisco at at same time for black and terri people if we have incarceration -- (speaking off the mic) we wouldn't be having this conservation. this should be shut down. >> thank you. [applause] [applause] next speaker >> hi imi'm here to ask the
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board of supervisors to consider alternatives to this. there is so much more r we need to see and look and go through to just to higher expectations of our programs of our community and of our police force there is still a lot of things inclear there is better ways to use as funding than what is currently being stated thank you fch your time have a good day. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hello my name is nanci hernandez i'm an educator and community activityive in the -- district. helping out with [foreign language] i'm here because i hear the sfpd is demanding more funding from the board of supervisors i want to call attention to an overflow room today full of young people to
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voice their proposition to this proposal i want to point out malia cohen sat up for the proposal then as soon as public comment started she left. to invite the community to speak in the middle of a weekday and be here and she walked away that is exemplary of her style of leadership and makes us distrust her we distrust weiner and his stances and the way he has acted against the mission this is definitely the police demanding more funding when they have not been held accountable for the past two years alex n was killed a couple blocks from my house there is no accountability by the sfpd this is not a time for
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them to ask for more money this is stuff for people -- texting and black people are monkeys and have -- have guns able to walk around our streets, this is not the time to ask for more money. if there are no consequences -- >> thank you next spear. >> (speaking off the mic) where have you been malia? >> are there any other members that would like to speak on this? thank you. >> chief deputy waters as it
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relates to the transfer unit and the ability to cover staffing at the hospital the sheriff's department stands ready we have the data rg we put the data together so we can make sure for questions that you could ask of us our union stands strong on this matter and we encourage you to have the discussion with us so we can talk about alternative ways of doing things in the city i'm not here to reflect on what should or should not happen with the police department i'm saying we have the ability to do those functions that have been expressed by the police and sheriff's department but the funding is not there we look forward to the discussion with you >> question quick are there any data points you would like to
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share with us today? any that are key that resonate with public comment? >> again i think there is many different ways i think supervisor avalos is right in saying we should look at all of the different things that would allow if you want more police officers on the street there is also the ability to do things that are functions both in our department and their department there is probably beneficial to the city that have not had the full discussion or more importantly the funding to go with those things that would pleasing to the citizens of both departments, >> i wanted to see if you had data to share? all right thank you. >> any other members that would like to speak on this item? [laughter] please come up to the podium if you would like to speak. >> good afternoon supervisors my
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name is joe le i'm the co-chair of ingleside c-pap. we had successful gun backs where we took guns off the streets of san francisco. i have many groups within the outer mission within amazon that do want additional police officers we want more beat cops it's very important you are well aware we have five homicides we would like hertz playground we as park advocates want to make sure our parks are safe so i urge you for those of you out here today it's very important we would like to have the additional officers on the street the other thing is because policy decisions that were made by previous boards of supervisors getting rid of the
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draw program you didn't have the money to do academy class s we're making lost ground if we go through this recession again or what happens if we have another downturn and we don't have the officers there you also have had in the last couple of years constitutional knowledge walk out the door because it retired you don't have that training personnel there you do but you don't have that institutional knowledge there to train officers on the floor thank you for your time >> thank you. >> [foreign language]
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>> interpreters... good afternoon those who have listened to us whout the hearing and those who show respect as a sign of peace. i want too start with presenting a few question questions it's important for the community to do that in terms of planning. change comes from the people living outside in the community who feels the impacts and injustice on behalf of the
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violence from the police. ki -- my question is why do we increase money for proposal for those who already have a negative impact on this city? what true benefit will this have in our community for the people who have been here? so my question is what has been the roll of the police in our community? if we look at the
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track record you see that our community has a big good reason to oppose this. so this proposal is not for those who have lived in san francisco for years the argument about population is false and also for developers when we think of the observations that our community is making you will see this has no benefit to us.
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so your statistics show those funds don't result in in addition easpectly the ineffectiveness of the police department are you giving them a huge prize to continuing to hurt and harm our community. when need our city to invest in people not arms and police we
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need it to invest in the youth programs and we do if we invest this money for programs instead of police. (speaking off the mic) [foreign language] >> chair cohen i know that the time is up i wanted to ask the member of the public to continue what they have to say >> interpreter: we need the police to stop enforce l deportations and having delinquent police behavior when we allow the police to hurt in the community they hurt people where they shook people in the
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back like amilkard we cannot allow them to go away with it. [foreign language] >> we have had the case of amilka shot in the back how can we trust the police when they violate our trust like our conrad in bayview she was taken out of the shower naked question this is type of behavior we
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experience every day this is not justice. >> [foreign language] >> as you can see this is your opportunity to step up you have a choice as elected officials to do the right thing and listen to the stories they're saying with african american women it is clear we need police to be hold accountable for you all to take this opportunity to step up and do the right thing for people and not for profit.
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thank you. >> [foreign language] >> i encourage you to think about the youth and the children the future you will one day be elders and you will one day reap the repercussions of not investing in young people they will soon be adults to vote and do all of these things you need to think about how they will not hold you hotable because you have not supported them as elders. >> thank you very much. next speaker? [applause] >> my name is jennifer freedom bach the director of the coalition on homelessness i want
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to show that the san francisco police department are not reimbursemented to a few crude racist and home phobic text. quote african americans are centuries of nanci state commit disproportional amount of time he goes onto say african american men are three times more likely to commit rapes. really? with all of the football rapes daddy rapes really? african american men are committing three times more rapes? when white people are accused of rape white people in particular are not arrested this has risen up it comes out we got
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a serious problem in our police department we know because chef sir said it more officer will read to more arrests because officers are not exempt from racism that plagues the rest of america we know people of color will be arrested and homelessless disproportional nately as well. we have what some policy makes r ears to protect the newfound wealth in this city. i want to throw numbers here for the cost of one police officer we can house 200 homeless people the cost in the budget the the same would house 6,000 people a good percentage of time is spent responding to complaints about from homeless people (speaking
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off the mic) imagine what we could do instead with all of that money? thank you. [applause] >> are you coming for public comment? >> i am >> please. >> good afternoon supervisors i'm with the community gathered here today despite the disheartening choice the will of the people and continue to defend the interest of developers over the well being of our community i'm born and raised in san francisco i have worked with san francisco youth as an enrichment teacher in several capacities some of the issues with my community the majority that live in the mission district sunny vale bayview district come to school hungry have thought at a taught
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where half of the parents are loes to deportation the young people needs are not met weiner i saw your insta view post to the bayview and candle stick park if you have respect to the people that remain there i hope you invest in these kids instead of putting more money into the people that are brutalizing our wit necessaried taking people off the street over the age of 18 and spending two hours taking pictures of them publicly humiliating them and manned handling 16 year old girls i lep hope you will put money in this instead of handling t